What are the Types of Innovation?

Process: Implementation of a new and significantly improved production or delivery method. Product: Introduction of new or significantly improved product that generates new customer value. Incremental: Small continuous improvements to existing products, services and processes. Service: Introduction of new or significantly improved service that generates new customer value. Business Model: New ways in which an […]

Executive Summaries for Key Findings of Data Center Research Professionals

Four brand new Executive Summaries for the latest data center research key findings revealed from AFCOM Leaders Lab White papers. AFCOM Leaders Lab is a think tank comprised of data center professionals across the United States who explore solutions and develop responses to the most critical issues facing data centers today. In collaboration with AFCOM […]

10 Workplace Conflict Resolution Tips to Improve Communication and Productivity

Disputes between employees are inevitable. But if left unresolved, they can disrupt your department’s productivity, sap morale and even cause some good employees to quit. Business Management Daily special report for managers, employees and HR professionals: Workplace Conflict Resolution: 10 ways to manage employee conflict and improve office communication, the workplace environment and team productivity, […]