Edge Computing Smart Strategies to Safeguard Security and User Experience

Monitoring last-mile connectivity has never been easy. Without it, however, it’s easy to lose control of your network and application SLAs. This threatens your ability to troubleshoot outages, satisfy customers, and maintain consistent network access. But that’s all changing. Deployed between a branch site’s modem and router/firewall, IxProbe enables service providers and enterprises alike to: […]

5 Essentials for Hybrid Identity Management and Security

With the shifting boundaries of today’s workplace, employees are demanding instant access to resources and applications from any place and any device. Organizations have spent years and huge amounts of money building legacy infrastructure and networks, making it harder to migrate entirely to the cloud. Organizations are therefore choosing a hybrid approach to help them […]

How Cloud, AI and Hybrid Rendering are Transforming Media and Entertainment Industrial

Media companies are well aware of shifting consumption patterns and realize the need for change. However, where to start in the digital journey can be confusing and daunting. A constantly changing digital landscape and shifting audience usage patterns makes it challenging for companies to know where and how to fully commit. In this article, we’ll […]

How Sensor Data is Powering ML and AI in Next-Generation Robotics

From traditional industrial robotic systems to today’s latest collaborative robots (or “cobots”), robots rely on sensors that generate increasingly massive volumes of highly varied data. This data can help build better machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models that robots rely on to become “autonomous,” making real-time decisions and navigating in dynamic real-world environments. […]

Relationship between Business Intelligence (BI) and Advanced Analytics (AA) Capabilities

The Business Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities Report, written by the International Institute for Analytics and sponsored by SAS, examines the relationship between business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics (AA) in large organisations. The report is based on a survey of midmarket and enterprise businesses about their current BI environments and AA capabilities, including analytics skills […]

Executive Guide for Evaluating New Technology Changes to Consider in 2020

Changing technology has significant impact on business as well as candidate and user experience in the world of recruiting. Evaluating your tech investments annually is not often enough. Today’s technology changes at such a rapid pace, knowledge of what is available will be a powerful tool in HR operations. Your software solutions have a great […]