Executive Guide for Marketing: 3 Models for Digital Transformation

How do you plan on leveraging technology to transform your business to take market share, lower costs and deliver value to shareholders? And how is digital asset management a part of that? Our guide to digital transformation will help you develop strategies for inspiring digital ambition at your organization and show you why digital transformation […]

Tackling Clinical Trial Data Overload with Data Lakes and Machine Learning

As clinical trial complexity increases, trial sizes grow, and data variety and volume explode, this problem is only growing worse. For sponsors and CROs who are experiencing this challenge, within and across studies, a clinical data and analytics hub built on big data, data lake architecture offers great promise. This article explores how a data […]

Performance and Intelligence: Delivering Digital Experiences at Scale

When you’re responsible for managing one or many large digital properties, your primary concerns are usually: Are all your sites up and available? Are they secure? Are they performing as well as your audiences expect? You need a platform that can both perform at scale and maintain performance as you scale. More importantly, you need […]

Optimizing Business Analytics by Transforming Data in the Cloud

Organizations need to adopt an extract, load, transform sequence to take full advantage of cloud data warehouses. Companies understand the value of data. But before data can be analyzed, it must be collected and prepared for analytics engines, and this process can be inefficient and costly. Moving data to the cloud can offer significant benefits, […]

Simplifying Email Archive Migrations from On-Premises to Cloud Platform

Based on a Fireside Chat webcast on migration theory, practice and technology featuring Nick Cavalancia, Techvangelism, and Chris Clark, CEO Trusted Data Solutions. If you need to migrate your email archive from on-premises to the cloud platform, wouldn’t it be great to have an EASY button to push. Presto! Archive migration is done. Unfortunately for […]

Top Network Related Cloud Deployment Mistakes To Avoid

With physical network infrastructure moving to the cloud, it’s easy to think that networks are instantly faster, more reliable, limitless, and cheap. This fallacy is one of the biggest drivers of cloud deployment mistakes. Learn how to avoid the top network-related cloud deployment mistakes. “With lack of visibility into how cloud resources are utilized, it’s […]

Internet of Things News Headline Updated on 26 November 2019

The headline on 26 November 2019 AWS helps Bloodhound attack land speed record. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping the Bloodhound Project in its ongoing attempts to break the land speed record. UK innovation agency Digital Catapult has built a weather monitoring system using IoT and AWS technology. Source: Digital Catapult’s innovative weather monitoring system […]

3 CISO Strategies For Digital Transformation (DX) Success

Companies are increasingly leveraging the cloud, DevOps methodologies, automation, and related technologies as part of their digital transformation (DX) efforts. All of these areas require that security is embedded from the start. When it is bolted on after-the-fact, projects risk security gaps, delays, and cost overruns. For the best results, CISOs and security leaders must […]