Types of Quantum Computing: Applications, Generality and Computational Power

Quantum Annealer The quantum annealer is least powerful and most restrictive form of quantum computers, it is the easiest to build, yet can only perform one specific function. The consensus of the scientific community is that a quantum annealer has no known advantages over conventional computing. Application: Optimization Problems Generality: Restrictive Computational Power: Same as […]

Top 10 Key Technology Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) for 2019

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) is becoming increasingly involved in unprecedented areas of the modern-day enterprise. The focus of I&O leaders is evolving far beyond technology elements like data centers, colocation and the cloud to instead encompass more about how an organization’s I&O can support and enable business strategy. Focus on these 10 key technologies and […]

Strategic Technology Trends for 2019: AI, IoT, Blockchain, Robotic and more

Autonomous Things Automation now goes beyond rigid programming models. AI can deliver behaviours to automate functions previously performed by humans. We can expect a shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a swarm of connected intelligent things, with multiple devices working collaboratively. Augmented Analytics Focuses on a specific area of augmented intelligence, using machine learning (ML) […]