Accelerating Digital Transformation through Hyper-Converged Solutions

With IT complexity growing, digital transformation may be getting sidetracked. How can you overcome this challenge? By combining hyper-converged infrastructure with enterprise-class hyper-availability, this will help overcome this challenge. What’s Happening: IT and Business executives are racing to digitize their business at the core; in return, they become a digital business. What’s the problem: IT […]

Retail IT Networks Under Stress: When Digital Transformation Equals Digital Disruption

What is SD-Branch? and How a software-defined branch network (SD-Branch) helps retailers innovate without business interruption. Within the retail industry, Point-of-Sale (POS) technology is being pressured to constantly innovate, as people become more hyper-connected as they shop.   The retail industry has come a long way during the last decade in its efforts to overcome […]

Executive Guide for Marketing: 3 Models for Digital Transformation

How do you plan on leveraging technology to transform your business to take market share, lower costs and deliver value to shareholders? And how is digital asset management a part of that? Our guide to digital transformation will help you develop strategies for inspiring digital ambition at your organization and show you why digital transformation […]

Performance and Intelligence: Delivering Digital Experiences at Scale

When you’re responsible for managing one or many large digital properties, your primary concerns are usually: Are all your sites up and available? Are they secure? Are they performing as well as your audiences expect? You need a platform that can both perform at scale and maintain performance as you scale. More importantly, you need […]

3 CISO Strategies For Digital Transformation (DX) Success

Companies are increasingly leveraging the cloud, DevOps methodologies, automation, and related technologies as part of their digital transformation (DX) efforts. All of these areas require that security is embedded from the start. When it is bolted on after-the-fact, projects risk security gaps, delays, and cost overruns. For the best results, CISOs and security leaders must […]

How Enterprise Architects serve as Influential Business Partners in Digital Transformation

Tackle the challenges of digital transformation with enterprise architecture. New challenges for enterprise architects (EAs) are expected soon, especially with digital twin technology and artificial intelligence accelerating the digital transformation process. By taking a holistic approach towards enterprise architecture, EAs can help to accelerate growth and optimize all areas of business. They can effectively manage […]

Barriers, Challenges and Moving Beyond Buzzwords in Digital Transformation (DX)

‘Digital transformation’ relies too much on technology and not enough on strategy and processes. From a company focused on enabling technology solutions for our clients, we know this sounds a little crazy. Advanced technologies have paved the way for a new competitive environment, unlike one we’ve seen before. Organisations have turned to adopting the same […]

Digital Transformation Strategy in Industrial Manufacturing

Improve profitability and maximise return on capital across the operations and asset lifecyles to enhance competitiveness, improve customer experiences, and cut the hype. Discover what Digital Transformation could mean for your business, with insight on: Why Digital Transformation is driving competitiveness across industry How Digital Transformation empowers people and uncovers new opportunities throughout enterprise value […]

Cisco Blockchain Framework – Build trust-based business networks for digital transformation

The Cisco blockchain framework details the necessary elements for a simple, secure, scalable enterprise-grade blockchain that is based on Cisco’s proprietary technology. Cisco blockchain framework is composed of the following reference groups: Platform, Interfaces, Infrastructure and network and Security and analytics.