Support Agile Application Development With Scalable Infrastructure using Red Hat‌ OpenStack‌ Private Cloud Platform

Your infrastructure consists of many parts: Traditional infrastructure, virtualization, and maybe even a private cloud. But nothing you’ve deployed so far is agile enough to meet demand or integrated enough to maintain control. If private clouds worked like public clouds, you’d have exactly what you need. Rely on Red Hat‌ OpenStack‌ Platform as a versatile […]

Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Scalable, Secure Private Cloud-ready for Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Red Hat OpenStack Platform combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux‌ Server and Kernel-based Virtual Machine for a secure, co-engineered infrastructure—a combination that allows users to run nodes like a public cloud in a private environment. Red Hat OpenStack Platform gives enterprises an open foundation to deploy, scale, and manage a private cloud. It combines Red Hat […]

Mass Data Fragmentation Caused Public Cloud Not Delivering Expected Benefits

A recent global survey of 900 senior IT decision makers showed a major expectation gap between what IT managers hoped the public cloud would do for their organization and what actually transpired. 91% of respondents believed by moving to the cloud it would simplify operations and provide greater insight into their data. Respondents who felt […]

Addressing Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Computing Environments

Enterprises are increasingly using hybrid environments, but this move can come with risks and challenges especially for organizations adopting DevOps. How can hybrid environment security fit naturally into development processes? How can you secure your apps and services without compromising your schedule? (Hint: It’s all in the automation.) Enterprises are using hybrid cloud technologies to […]

Veeam Availability Suite – Robust DRaaS Platform with Strong Opportunities for MSPs

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) has been a huge opportunity for service providers, with many firms bringing offers to market over the last three years. DRaaS provides disaster recovery services on a subscription basis, generally backing up not only data, but an organization’s complete environment including applications, and providing a new, cloud-based failover environment. While some service […]