Breaking Free from Hardware Hassles with Modern Cloud-based Backup Strategy

Backup is not a new idea, it’s one of those functions that has been around almost forever. But, technologies as familiar as backup continue moving forward, and if you don’t take the time to rethink your assumptions periodically, you could miss out on a better, easier, faster, and less expensive way to get the job done. Maybe a better option exists now that wasn’t on the table when you bought your current backup product. Maybe some of the things you think you simply have to live with aren’t really necessary anymore. Read more in this article, which covers how to break free from hardware hassles with today’s new backup realities and take a look at these four backup assumptions and the realities behind them:

  • Need an application server to host backup application.
  • Need local storage devices to hold all backups.
  • A proprietary appliance is easy for remote offices or customer locations.
  • Backup to the cloud makes things more complicated.
Modern Cloud-based Backup Strategy
Modern Cloud-based Backup Strategy

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