Cost Benefit Analysis of Micro Data Center Deployment for Edge Computing

Several IT trends including internet of things (IoT) and content distribution networks (CDN) are driving the need to reduce telecommunications latency and bandwidth costs. Distributing “micro” data centers closer to the points of utilization reduces the latency and costs from the cloud or other remote data centers. This article provides a cost benefit analysis of […]

Considerations and Logical Steps for Successful and Cost-effective Cloud Migration

The cloud adoption challenge – it’s not about the cloud. Migrating: Surge in cloud migration with 96% migrating but only 4% completion Over budget: More than half of migrations are delayed and over budget Difficult/failed: Almost 2/3 of projects are considered very difficult or failing “Where cloud projects fail is not so much about the […]

Compare Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Solution – On-premises, Hybrid, Hosted and Cloud-native

According to a survey by Fujitsu, 45 percent of IT managers said they had lost data or productivity related to data protection inefficiency within the previous year. Yet the cloud offers cost-effective and scalable solutions that are significantly easier to manage and maintain than on-premises solutions. So, how can you optimize your cloud data protection […]

Monash University Achieve Cloud-Only with NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS

Monash University, Australia’s largest higher education institution, serves 80,000 students, staff and faculty across four continents, annually ranking among the top universities in the world. It has a clear mission: to inspire and equip its students to be agents of change while setting an example for others. Monash University aspires to be cutting-edge for educational […]

Support Agile Application Development With Scalable Infrastructure using Red Hat‌ OpenStack‌ Private Cloud Platform

Your infrastructure consists of many parts: Traditional infrastructure, virtualization, and maybe even a private cloud. But nothing you’ve deployed so far is agile enough to meet demand or integrated enough to maintain control. If private clouds worked like public clouds, you’d have exactly what you need. Rely on Red Hat‌ OpenStack‌ Platform as a versatile […]

Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Scalable, Secure Private Cloud-ready for Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Red Hat OpenStack Platform combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux‌ Server and Kernel-based Virtual Machine for a secure, co-engineered infrastructure—a combination that allows users to run nodes like a public cloud in a private environment. Red Hat OpenStack Platform gives enterprises an open foundation to deploy, scale, and manage a private cloud. It combines Red Hat […]