Mobile SEO Detailed Guide

A mobile website mainly runs in 1 out of 3 configurations: Responsive web design, dynamic serving and separate URL’s. Google does not favor any particular URL format or configuration as long as the page assets are accessible to all Googlebot user agents. It is important that Google must understands your mobile site setup.

SEO Checklist for 2015

Let’s get your SEO Campaign 2015 ready with below 2015 SEO Checklist! Be Accessible Do’s Search Box – Ensure there is a Search Box panel on your webpage to aid in site navigation. Links – Links internally to other pages within your website, links allow Search Engines to crawl and index your other pages. Breadcrumbs […]

Demystifying SEO

Description and Keywords meta tags No impact on your Google rankings whatsoever, so don’t be fooled or distracted by these. The Description Meta Tag can impact on Click-Through Rates from search resuts, so a well written one (if you have one at all) is essential. Paid links Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is […]