SEO Checklist for 2015

Let’s get your SEO Campaign 2015 ready with below 2015 SEO Checklist!

Be Accessible


Search Box – Ensure there is a Search Box panel on your webpage to aid in site navigation.
Links – Links internally to other pages within your website, links allow Search Engines to crawl and index your other pages.
Breadcrumbs – Use ‘breadcrumbs’ such as ‘previous’ or ‘next’ buttons – this aids user-ability and is search-engine friendly.
Homepage – It is important your website has a homepage that is easily accessible.
Layout – You website should be arranged in a clear, hierarchical or ‘tree-like’ layout.
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Implement SEO for New Website

Launching a new website is chaotic due to the amount of work that must be done to ensure your website will perform its best and rank well. Often, the design and SEO process for launching a new website can take up to 3 months of work prior to the launch. During those months, you’ll need to focus on creating a responsive design as Google ranks responsive sites higher, and it’s what internet users expect to see when they visit a website. Then, there’s the onsite optimization, which can be the most time consuming as content needs to be created, keyword research needs to be conducted, and link building strategies need developed.
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SEO Edition of Do this and Not That

The world of search engine optimization is wild and fast, which can make it tough to keep track of what to do and what not to do. How do you correctly optimize your website? How do you get your site to appear in Google and Bing search result? How do you tell who’s visiting your site? We answer all these questions and more in this SEO edition of “Do This, Not That!”
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Why You Can’t Neglect Social Media with Your SEO Campaign

We hear a lot about choosing the right keywords to drive visitors to your site. But search engines have become a lot more savvy. It’s no longer enough to simply pump your text full of the most-searched for words and phrases. Increasingly, search engines are looking to make sure your site and its content are of real value for visitors, before they will help to push people in your direction. That’s why, in these social media obsessed times, it makes sense to marry your social media strategy to your SEO campaign.
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How to Perform SEO on website with Social Media?

The Relationship between Social Media and SEO [Backlinks]
Part 1 – Websites
There has been a lot of recent talk about how social media is influencing SEO. This got me wondering about off-page SEO. So I collected data from websites and compared them with each other to check if social media influences SEO by helping websites attract more backlinks. Check out the results below:
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SEO Content Marketing What You Need To Know and Do

In the wake of continuous search quality updates targeting both on-site and off-site signals, high quality content is an essential element of any long-term SEO strategy. Quality content alone is however not enough in today’s very competitive online environment. A comprehensive content marketing strategy is the key to sustainable SEO.
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Demystifying SEO

Description and Keywords meta tags
No impact on your Google rankings whatsoever, so don’t be fooled or distracted by these. The Description Meta Tag can impact on Click-Through Rates from search resuts, so a well written one (if you have one at all) is essential.

Paid links
Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a higher gear that will make your website rank better, faster. Paid, or rented, links are against Google’s TOS and using them can severely threaten your website’s future within Google.

Unique content
If your website is running low on unique content then your website’s rankings will suffer. Like fuel, your website needs good quality unique content to function well on the search engine highways.
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10 Tips for SEO Copywriting Content that ranks in 2013

1. Write for humans – optimize for robots
It’s 2013 – nobody wants to read SEO content, not even the search engine! Everything points to the fact that Google prefers natural content to obvious SEO stuff. Moreover, there’s no point in great rankings if your content doesn’t convert. So focus on your fresh and bone target audience – but help the robots find your content.

2. Forget about keyword density – once and for all
Keyword density is one of the most tenacious SEO myths out there. But there is nothing to indicate that Google favors a certain density over another. It’s important to use relevant keywords in your copy, but use them naturally. Cramming keywords in where they don’t belong will mostly likely do more harm than good.
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Forecast of Google SEO Factors used in 2013

Creating search-engine friendly website that resonates with your customers involves countless factors, many of which are constantly evolving in light of regular changes in Google’s algorithms. Below are predict of SEO strategies designed to produce top positioning and conversion rates. Here are eight factors that should be implemented in your SEO campaign this year.
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