How to Protect IaaS from Cloud-Native Data Breaches

Data breaches in the cloud don’t look like the typical infiltrate-with-malware and exfiltrate data type of attacks we see on-premises. Cloud-Native Breaches typically do not use malware, instead exploiting errors in cloud configuration to land the attack, then expand to sensitive data, and exfiltrate using built-in features of cloud platforms. 99% of these configuration errors, […]

5 Essentials for Hybrid Identity Management and Security

With the shifting boundaries of today’s workplace, employees are demanding instant access to resources and applications from any place and any device. Organizations have spent years and huge amounts of money building legacy infrastructure and networks, making it harder to migrate entirely to the cloud. Organizations are therefore choosing a hybrid approach to help them […]

Implement Layered Cybersecurity Defense Strategy to Protect From Multi-Vector Attacks

Criminals combine a range of threat technologies, deployed in numerous stages to infect computers and networks. This blended approach increases the likelihood of success, the speed of contagion, and the severity of damage. Read on this article to get a step by step overview for applying a layered cybersecurity strategy that can secure your clients […]

eSentire 2019 Threat Intelligence Spotlight: United Kingdom (U.K.)

Cyberattacks against businesses in the U.K. are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated and more successful as the arms race continues between adversaries and targets. This report shares actionable intelligence to those responsible for defending valuable business targets. Readers will gain a better understanding about the nature of cyberattacks in the U.K. and be more prepared […]

Develop Business Continuity Plan to Help Clients Mitigate Impact of Unexpected Disruptions

In this article, you will learn how to develop a business continuity plan with your clients to help them protect their business from the costly impact of unexpected disruptions. You’ll also learn: Advice on developing an emergency response plan for your clients’ business Processes for developing a business continuity plan A sample business process analysis […]

Use Office 365 Backup to Protect Data from Ransomware, Insider Threats and Accidents

You probably can’t exaggerate how much your organization relies on email. From valuable contacts to the vital messages themselves to the often sensitive attachments, your email systems contain some of the most important data in any organization. So, how can you ensure that data is being protected from things like ransomware, insider threats and accidents? […]

[Solved] How to Disable Windows Defender Antivirus via Security Center, Group Policy or Registry

In Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1, Windows Defender Antivirus is available on Server Core installation options (without the user interface), and it is enabled by default. Windows Defender Antivirus is primarily intended for consumer and unmanaged PC scenarios. Sometimes, you may want to turn off Windows Defender Antivirus to perform certain tasks that […]