Initial Network Security Checklist for IS Security Reference

Network Security Checklist below was created with input from not less than a dozen technology consultants and security experts from Experts Exchange. This Network Security Checklist is not intended to validate a network as secure but as an INITIAL checklist to start from, covers many areas / items that consultants and admins often forget to check and set including business, user accounts, service accounts, file security, passwords, users, administrators, network, computers, firewall / router, email security, remote access, monitoring, devices and backups. The questions / items below may not be appropriate or applicable to all organizations for a variety of reasons due to the risk profile for every organization is different.
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EC-Council Issues WANNACRYPT / wannacry Updated Cyber Security Briefing

WannaCry / WannaCrypt ransomware attack has spread throughout the world. Affecting organizations in over 150 countries, tallied damage includes more than 200,000 people infected with the malware and roughly $28,463 paid in bitcoin to decrypt files. And that number may only increase unless companies act to mitigate the threat. Some reports indicate the ransomware attack has been slowed but there are fears we haven’t seen the last of the damage. Desk of EC-Council Group CISO has issued an updated cyber security briefing on standard precautions to protect your systems.

WannaCry / WannaCrypt ransomware attack
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Cybersecurity Skills Crisis

Enterprises are under siege from a rising volume of cyberattacks. At the same time, the global demand for skilled professionals sharply outpaces supply. Unless this gap is closed, organizations will continue to face major risk. Comprehensive educational and networking resources are required to meet the needs of everyone from entry-level practitioners to seasoned professionals.
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Better Security Consideration for Cloud Solutions

Security has been a key issue in the area of technology, and even more so when newer technologies are being introduced. Fear of the unknown is a human condition we have to recognize and live with. Hence, with the advent of the Cloud – together with mobility, big data and analytics – issues related to security seem to hinder the progress of technology adoption. These issues, however, can be addressed effectively. This article will look at how an organization can plan to build a secure cloud-based solution on the fly.
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Key Discoveries in Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report

The Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report is divided into four areas of discussion and issues explored within them, may at first glance seem disparate, but closer examination reveals their interconnectedness:
1. Threat Intelligence
2. Security Capabilities Benchmark Study
3. Geopolitical and Industry Trends
4. Changing the View Toward Cybersecurity—From Users to the Corporate Boardroom
Below are the Key Discoveries in Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report:
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Summary Findings of State of Security Operations 2015 Report

Your ability to detect and stop cyber attacks depends on the effectiveness of your security operations team. HP Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting has assessed the capabilities of 87 security operations centers worldwide. This updated 2015 report bring you the latest information. HP assessments of organizations worldwide continue to show the median maturity level of cyber defense teams remain well below optimal levels. Many of the findings and observations from the 2014 State of Security Operations report are still valid. Additionally, the following observations and findings have surfaced in 2015 report of capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations:
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Cyber Security Risk Assessment: 10 Steps to Cyber Security

Cyber crime facts that should scare you:
Fact 1: In 2011, UK organisations suffered 44 million cyber attacks causing damage between £18bn and £27bn. 80% of these attacks could have been prevented.

Fact 2: In 2012, 87% of small + 93% of large firms in the UK experienced a cyber security breach.

Fact 3: Average cost of a cyber security breach for a small firm is between £35k and £65k.

Fact 4: More than 70% of investors are interested in reviewing public company cyber security practices. Almost 80% would likely NOT consider investing in a company with a history of attacks.
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