Risks of Cybercrime and Procedures to Integrate Cybersecurity in Organization

The core of the Internet is getting weaker as we connect ever more of our lives – phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators – to it. Meanwhile, the attacks are getting stronger. Cybercrime is a global pandemic. Cybersecurity is mainstream today because we’ve seen the repercussions personally, professionally and financially from not keeping our corporate and customer […]

What You Need To know About IoT and Cyber Security

Convergence of multiple technologies from the industrial and information technology worlds has resulted in what is commonly known as the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT combines concepts from embedded systems, networking, sensors, control systems, data analytics and artificial intelligence. IoT technology is being used not only in industrial applications but also in everyday consumer/household […]

How Major Investment Banking Firm Protects Data Centers from Next-Gen DDoS Attacks?

Organizations in every industry are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to remain competitive and relevant. But while they’re expanding their capabilities, increasingly complex IT infrastructures can open new doors for DDoS attacks to get past traditional protection. That’s why it’s time to rethink DDoS protection. Responsible for managing trillions in assets worldwide, a major Wall […]

Cybersecurity Technology Platform Selections to Build Robust Business For Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

In the world of cybersecurity, every day presents a unique set of challenges as threat actors are continuously evolving their tradecraft. For those that have chosen cybersecurity as a profession, the endless game of cat-and-mouse is just the type of challenge they hoped it would be. But for most small and midsize businesses (SMBs), cybersecurity […]

Next-gen Advanced DDoS Attacks Threaten Every Business

Every business relies on IT networks to function – which makes every business a target for today’s advanced DDoS attacks. It’s now incredibly easy for anyone – from criminal organizations to bored teenagers – to acquire advanced DDoS packages and launch powerful attacks that disrupt business operations and compromise sensitive data. Sophisticated, powerful, and easy […]

Key Security Considerations for Inline Security Architecture Deployment

Enabling maximum efficiency and adequate security, with minimal lag time to your network, is the goal for any organisation looking to build a strong foundation. Read on this article, Deploying an Inline Security Architecture: Key Considerations, for tips on how to deploy an inline security architecture that: Maintains network availability Improves monitoring of network traffic […]

Why MSP Need Layered Multi-Vector Cybersecurity Strategy for Client

Cyberattacks are still happening. In light of headline-grabbing attacks, businesses are looking to engage with trusted advisors who can help them identify the best cybersecurity solutions to protect their assets without skyrocketing their costs. This gives managed service providers (MSPs) an excellent opportunity to build their cybersecurity practice by implementing a layered, or “multi-vector,” security […]

Six Key Security Trends and Predictions on 2019 from Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center

Threats to network security are on the rise. Ixia just released its third annual security study the Ixia 2019 Security Report, combines lessons learned in 2018 with impactful predictions for 2019. Both the data and the predictions are based upon research conducted by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center. Ixia’s third annual Security […]

Sizing, Advantages and Challenges of MSPs Selling Security-as-a-Service

Organizations of all sizes find themselves under siege. More challenging still, the attack surface that needs to be defended keeps expanding. MSPs are expected to be able to provide firewalls, spam and content filtering, intrusion detection, and antivirus services. While demand for those services is high, competition is increasing. The security and compliance opportunity for […]