Information and Cyber Security News Headline Updated on 18 December 2019

The headline on 18 December 2019 Facebook Tracks Users’ Purchases in the Physical World. A recent report highlights that a partnership between Facebook and several retailers enables the retailers to transfer the purchase history of their customers to Facebook. Facebook in turn uses that data to target those customers with advertisements relating to their purchases […]

[Solved] How To Remove Padlock Icon From Hard Drives In Windows 10

A padlock icon on hard drives in the Windows 10 File Explorer indicates that the hard drive has been encrypted with BitLocker or Device Encryption program. BitLocker, present in Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10, allows users to encrypt drives to secure the data. The built-in encryption program adds a padlock icon on hard […]

Information and Cyber Security News Headline Updated on 23 November 2019

The headline on 23 November 2019 Texas School District Pays Ransomware Demand. The Port Neches-Groves Independent School District in Texas has paid an undisclosed sum in Bitcoin to regain access to their files that were encrypted by ransomware. The district’s director of information services said that as of Monday, November 18, staff had regained access […]

Biometrics in Telecom: Improving Customer Authentication and Fraud Prevention

Carriers are constantly creating new ways for clients to interact with them that require as little friction and effort as possible, and are increasingly adopting voice and behavioral biometrics. Why, as larger subscriber bases and more devices per subscriber result in more customer interactions, are biometrics a win-win for customers and carriers? Read on this […]

Puppet, DevOps and the Path to Better Security and Compliance with Multifaceted IT Automation

More targets, more problems – manual methods won’t cut it in today’s IT landscape. With complete, real-time visibility into the state of all your systems, security protocols can be consistently enforced. Remediation gets done faster with less need for human intervention. Whether you’re working with containers, traditional VMs, or hardware servers, we believe the best […]