[Solved] How Do I Fix Problem when Samsung laptop turns on but show blank screen

If Samsung laptop displaying blank screen with blinking cursor but no image or displays Samsung screen but does not load Windows when you attempts to Boot. This problem symptom is mostly caused by laptop goes into Sleep mode while performing Windows update. Resume or Wake the laptop from Sleep mode will only displays blank screen […]

CES 2017: Samsung introduced FlexWash + FlexDry laundry system

Samsung announced FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ laundry system, designed to offer two washers and two dryers in one system incorporating range of core Samsung laundry technologies, provide more efficient and more effective way to sort on the fly and tackle the laundry process by operate all four compartments separately and simultaneously to wash clothes faster while […]

T-Mobile Released Android 5.0 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S 5

Beginning February 18, the Samsung Galaxy S 5 will have a software update to Android version 5.0/ Baseband G900TUVU1DOB1 via OTA notification and update over Wi-Fi or Samsung Kies. This update provides new features included Android 5.0 and activates Wi-Fi calling 2.0 together with improvements included Wi-Fi calling experience, Resolved Wi-Fi calling one way audio […]