Extreme Elements: Building Blocks of Autonomous Enterprise to Deliver New Human Experiences

The Bowen Center, one of the largest behavioral health facilities in America, recently increased its IT customer satisfaction score from the low 70s to close to 100%. How? By customizing their network infrastructure with Extreme Elements. And with their new, tailor-made network, they increased the reach of their telehealth services to clientele––nationwide. Extreme believes delivering […]

Empowering Remote Workforce for the Enterprise

With the right combination of applications, services, and policies, organizations can maximize remote workers’ productivity and minimize risk. However, remote work presents new challenges for IT professionals. And as remote working becomes part of an enterprise’s cost-trimming, profit-boosting efforts, IT will be under pressure to ensure they’ve selected the right remote-working tools for the job. […]

Adopting Agile Movement Strategies to Keep Pace in the Post-Digital Era

Build a more nimble and adaptable organization. Increasing customer demands, international competition, and disruptive technologies are creating new challenges that many companies are struggling to deal with. Learn how adopting the principles of the Agile movement can help your organization adapt to rapidly changing environments and succeed in the post-digital era. What’s in the article: […]

How to Select The Right Accounting and Business Management Software

This must-read guide contains valuable information on how to select the right accounting and business management software to meet your company’s specific needs. Selecting the best accounting system for your organization is a critical business decision. It takes plenty of resources, including dollars and time. But with this complimentary, fact-filled information kit, “5 Mistakes to […]