Building Future Organisation By Redefining Relationships Between People, Space and Productivity

According to a 2016 study of employees across a wide range of industries conducted by TECHnalysis Research, people only spend about 46% of their average 43- hour workweek in a traditional office or cubicle environment. Organizations have been witnessing a shift away from those workspaces over the past decade, and the study suggests that the […]

How Consulting Firms Leverage Professional Services Automation (PSA) to Drive Profitability

Consulting firms today require a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution to power and ensure project success. This eBook will share the eight ways consulting firms can leverage automation to deliver top quality engagements and improve their profitability. Discover these 8 essentials to improve your business, including why it’s important to: Narrow your focus to increase […]

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid When Transition to CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD, BDD, ATDD, DevOps, Agile, Continuous Testing—however you want to do it, companies today are all striving for faster release cycles and higher quality software. We’ve identified eight common mistakes that teams make during the transition that you can avoid while embarking on your own transition related to team culture, processes, expectation setting, and more. […]