Mobile Technology and Wireless Communication News Headline Updated on 20 May 2020 – Nokia, KDDI, FCC, Geoverse, Fat Pipe, MEF, 6WIND, and more

The headline on 20 May 2020 Virtual router vendor 6WIND announced it has added new features for its Turbo Router. Source: FatPipe Networks Appoints AT&T Business Solutions Vice President of Technical Sales as New Senior Vice President of Strategic Business MEF announced that 24 service providers from around the world now offer a combined total […]

5 Tactics to Succeed at High-Volume Demand Manufacturing for 5G and Accelerate Time to Market

Mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world have set aggressive targets for 5G mobile network deployments — eager to deliver new services to consumers. Operators must deploy 5G networks and need 5G devices to capture 5G market opportunities. Many device makers announced their new lineup of 5G smartphones in 2019. High-volume 5G device manufacturing is […]

Survey about State of 5G and The Future

Rohde and Schwarz’s recent Survey on the State of 5G: Where We Are Today asked industry professionals to analyze their own—and their peers’—understanding of 5G, and the result underscore the fact that consumers are generally wary of the complexity of our inevitable 5G future. This article examines not only respondents’ basic understanding of 5G, but […]