Survey about State of 5G and The Future

Rohde and Schwarz’s recent Survey on the State of 5G: Where We Are Today asked industry professionals to analyze their own—and their peers’—understanding of 5G, and the result underscore the fact that consumers are generally wary of the complexity of our inevitable 5G future. This article examines not only respondents’ basic understanding of 5G, but […]

Best Practices for 5G Core Network Validation for Virtualization

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are gearing up for the deployment of the most innovative wireless communication technology yet. 5G will enable them to bring new experiences to customers through virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). It will give rise to amazing AR applications like remote surgery or machine-type communication (MTC) applications such as the remote control […]

How Nokia 5G Anyhaul Help CSPs Evolving Fronthaul Transport

5G is no longer just an ambition for communications service providers (CSPs). It’s an essential requirement for delivering the kinds of digital experiences today’s customers demand. However, current approaches are incapable of handling the network traffic to deliver the full 5G experience. That’s where Nokia 5G Anyhaul can help. This article discusses how 5G Anyhaul […]