Master 5G Terms and Acronyms

So what exactly does DFT-s-OFDM mean? How about mMTC? Raise your hand if you can use SS-RSRQ in a sentence. The number of 5G terms and acronyms increases all the time with no end in sight. If you’re working in the 5G ecosystem, it’s critical that you understand the design and test concepts across multiple […]

5 Tactics to Succeed at High-Volume Demand Manufacturing for 5G and Accelerate Time to Market

Mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world have set aggressive targets for 5G mobile network deployments — eager to deliver new services to consumers. Operators must deploy 5G networks and need 5G devices to capture 5G market opportunities. Many device makers announced their new lineup of 5G smartphones in 2019. High-volume 5G device manufacturing is […]