Top Features and Benefits of Successful Hosted PBX and VoIP Reseller Program

By expanding your company’s offering to include Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions, such as Hosted PBX and VoIP services, you can empower customers with: Improved scalability and growth over time User-friendly features that can be customized to a customer’s needs The ability to connect remote employees to the business from anywhere Read on […]

5 ways to make your Customers Happier

The difference between satisfaction and delight lies with the customer’s experience of a particular interaction or transaction. Yes, to satisfying customers is key – but it’s a minimum standard. Delighting customers and providing extraordinary experiences are what you should be aiming for. You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. The 5 ways to […]

Best Practices and Strategies to Increase eCommerce Conversions and Reduce High Cart Abandonment Rate in 2019

Cart abandonment rates remain high. Implementing new strategies to increase conversions is critical — With so many options to choose from, how will you decide which initiatives to invest your time and resources in? In this article, Magento and PayPal identify 3 key areas that can help impact online conversions in 2019: Smarter Payment Processing […]

Top 10 Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Email, Mobile and Social Marketing

Discover the top trends, challenges and opportunities facing digital marketers over the next 12 months. This article discusses developments in technology, such as social media, mobile usage and cloud services and offers practical advice on how to take advantage of these upcoming trends and ensure marketers are at the forefront of multi-channel strategic marketing planning.

What and Why Agency Offer Post-Click Automation Experience to Close the Gap Between Clicks and Conversions

“No agency is retained for the services they provide, but for the services they provide well.” – Old Agency Proverb What do your clients really care about? Is it ad clicks and email opens from your newest campaign? Nope, your clients care about paying customers. After all, it’s customers, not website visitors, who keep the […]