Top 10 Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Email, Mobile and Social Marketing

Discover the top trends, challenges and opportunities facing digital marketers over the next 12 months. This article discusses developments in technology, such as social media, mobile usage and cloud services and offers practical advice on how to take advantage of these upcoming trends and ensure marketers are at the forefront of multi-channel strategic marketing planning.

What and Why Agency Offer Post-Click Automation Experience to Close the Gap Between Clicks and Conversions

“No agency is retained for the services they provide, but for the services they provide well.” – Old Agency Proverb What do your clients really care about? Is it ad clicks and email opens from your newest campaign? Nope, your clients care about paying customers. After all, it’s customers, not website visitors, who keep the […]

Strategies for Fast-Tracking Fueling Revenue Growth and Accelerating eCommerce Business Sales

Take your brand in a new direction. Diversifying your revenue streams reduces business risk and positions you to sell more products across a much wider audience. Start growing your business faster with the five revenue-building strategies contained in this article, including: Multiplying sales with drop shippers and affiliate partners Converting reluctant shoppers by offering product […]

9 Marketing Technology (MarTech) Steps to Guide Revenue Operation Success

We’re not all techies, and for most, the sheer volume of marketing technologies out there is overwhelming. Marketing technology enables demand generation and customer engagement workflows. The vast array of technologies are overwhelming and often confusing. Marketers are increasingly accountable for revenue performance and planning is critical for success. So how can you find the […]

649,895 Brand Posts Study Research: Place Instagram Hashtags in Caption or First Comment?

[Instagram Hashtag Study]: 649,895 brand posts show if it’s better to put Instagram hashtags in the post’s caption or in the first comment. Which is better: Placing Instagram hashtags in the post’s caption, or in the first comment? Use hashtags correctly to get followers, engagement and reach. Instagram hashtags are a big source of debate […]

How Magento Commerce Platform Scales Business and Supports Rapid Retail Revenue Growth

Learn how the Magento platform fuels fast growth transformations Magento Commerce, part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, is a digital commerce platform engineered for rapid retail growth, is used more than any other eCommerce platform by the Internet Retailer Top 1000. This article explains the 10 reasons why migrating to Magento Commerce, a solution that […]

Best Practices and Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Your email marketing is one of the best opportunities to match customers with products and services they’ll love. There’s a reason marketers are still talking (and asking) about email. The first permission-based digital marketing channel, email remains the highest driver of ROI. It’s one of the earliest touchpoints to introduce your brand to customers. Effective […]

SEO Content Marketing Strategy Checklist and Tips

Ready to refresh your content marketing strategy this year? In order to help you stay ahead, we’ve created an e-book with the ultimate content marketing checklist, covering everything including useful tactics, the best tools, competitor analysis, and more. Content marketing is a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy in 2019, with 84% of companies […]

How Chatbots Capture Leads, Boost Conversions, Reduce Costs for Clients

By 2020, 85% of consumers will engage with businesses without ever interacting with another human being, according to predictions from Gartner Research. That’s why more and more companies are leveraging chatbots and messaging tools like Whatsapp to engage with their prospects and customers. On top of this, consumer expectations of businesses to deliver on this […]