13 Trends That Will Drive SEO In 2016

Page tagging and structure tags will be critical for mobile optimization Deep Links make app store optimization even more important Search engines strive for relevancy with local and voice search Rise of rich and to the point answers with introduction of knowledge graph Higher engagement with interactive content like GIFs will fill timelines Changes of […]

What Does Organic SEO Mean?

Websites are built without: Keyword Stuffing: Repeating keywords excessively to trick the search engine algorithms. Hidden Text: Blending text in to the background so its seen by search engines but not humans. Cloaking: Showing a different version of your website to search engine than humans see. Thin Content: Shallow content written only for search engines […]

32 Steps on Location SEO Success Roadmap

Well Designed Desktop website Mobile Responsive Website Blog Integration Business Address and phone number in the header and / or footer Customer Reviews / Testimonials page Contact page – Add a contact page with address, phone number and google map embedded of your address Redirect non-www to www or vice-versa Content – Have unique, original […]