Designing a global digital patient services platform

Within our customer experience capability at Blue Latitude Health (BLH), our user experience researchers and designers are tasked with the understanding customer and client needs, to drive innovation and to solve real problems. Recently, a client required a centralized system to drive the development and deployment of data-driven patient services. They wanted the design and […]

Why aren’t doctors using digital therapeutics?

The digital therapeutics market is set to reach almost $1 billion by 2026 as wearables and apps continue to play an important role in enhancing healthcare. However, the adoption of these tools by healthcare professionals is comparatively low. Senior User Experience Consultant Stewart Anderson explains why. In the digital age, the technology exists to better […]

Strategies for Efficient Clinical Supply Management and Forecasting

A proactive approach for effective clinical supply management is essential for reducing the risk of supply-related delays, stock-outs, and excess inventory. Utilizing simulations to performing “What If” scenario planning for demand forecasting is a powerful, insightful supply chain management tool, particularly for complex studies with multiple variables. However, forecasts are only as good as the […]

What Pharma and Biotech Companies Stand to Grain from Early Drug Development Failures

Learn How to Slash Your Spending by Failing Faster Pharma and biotech companies waste billions of dollars—and years of research—developing drugs that will never make it to market. This article examines the skyrocketing cost of drug development and provides step-by-step guidance for executing a successful fail fast strategy. You’ll learn: The top benefits of a […]

Payment Accuracy Strategy and the American Value-Based Healthcare System

As the U.S. shifts to value-based care models, getting reimbursement claims accurate from the get-go becomes ever more important. Driving Payment Accuracy is of critical importance to many health plans. It’s important to understand how the market is evolving, how to take advantage of best practices, and how to avoid common pitfalls associated with some […]

Healthcare and Insurance News Headline Updated on 27 November 2019

The headline on 27 November 2019 Pennsylvania is one step closer to moving off of to its own exchange. Paige Minemyer has more. Source: Pennsylvania Partners with GetInsured to Build and Operate State-Based Health Insurance Exchange Here’s a fun piece of trivia for the holiday table: A restaurant in New York is apparently offering […]