8 Signs You May Be Dealing With Fraudster Fake ID

Meet Aida: Data Scientist, Trust Builder, Fraud Fighter Hello, I’m Aida, the world’s first identity verification bot. My name is an acronym for Authentic Identity Agent, but I’m also named for the first computer scientist, Ada Lovelace. Like my namesake, I thrive on studying patterns, devising solutions, and seeing the truth others miss. You can […]

Cybercriminals on Cryptocurrency Mining, Craze Going for Data Centers

Cybercriminals have always been financially motivated and cryptocurrency mining is the latest trend in generating revenue by abusing the same age-old malware attack vectors previously associated with ransomware dissemination. The recent Bitcoin craze, with the currency peaking at $19,000 per unit, has focused cybercriminals on crypto mining, instead of traditional ransomware. In fact, crypto currency-enabled […]

Cloud Computing Report – Security Violations in Cloud Computing Service Adoption

Learn about identity and access management top category of concern for I/PaaS deployments in organizations plus a look at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Some report highlights include: The most common violation types in public cloud infrastructure (IaaS) like Amazon Web Services What activities security teams are setting DLP policies around across SaaS and IaaS Specific […]

Cybersecurity Risks – Poor password hygiene, HIPAA, Collaboration, Permissions and Shadow IT

Should you be concerned about your clients’ password hygiene? Definitely yes. Poor password hygiene is the easiest gateway for cyber attackers to exploit. All the fancy security software in the world doesn’t matter if your clients are giving away passwords like candy on Halloween. We were curious about just how prevalent terrible password hygiene is […]