How to Prevent 5th Generation Cyber Attacks with Check Point Infinity

The reason cyber security effectiveness seems elusive is because information technology has fragmented into on-premises networks, public and private clouds, SaaS/IaaS, and mobile environments. Protecting this broad threat surface with point solutions leaves cyber security gaps. In addition, 5th generation multi-vector cyber attacks spread faster and inflict more damage. The only way to prevent sophisticated […]

How to Protect Data Center from Cyberattacks – Hidden Costs of Detection-Based Approach for Cloud, Virtualized and Edge Infrastructure

Data centers are truly the life blood of many organizations – whether on-premises or in the cloud –providing access to information and applications that characterise that enterprise. As data centers have become more central and valuable, so too has the job of securing them from cyberattacks. To date, many data centers have followed the familiar […]

Advanced Cyber Security Threats Protect Best Practices Guide

“It’s not a matter of if you will be attacked — it’s when.” There’s good reason that’s an increasingly common battle cry among cyber security professionals: Fresh digital security threats continually emerge from new and unexpected sources. Just consider the sudden spread of viruses like WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya, the expansion of ransomware threats, the growth […]