Building Profitable Security Practice Leveraging Technology Tools and Strategies

Learn the keys to profitability using technology tools in your managed security offering. For those in the MSP space looking to expand their service to include security, it’s important to understand that technology tools are central to an effective and profitable security practice. In this article, you’ll read about identifying and responding to security threats […]

IoT Deployment Security Challenges to Maintain Endpoint Integrity

The IoT is changing the way we interact with devices, organizations, and each other. At the same time, it opens new avenues for security incursions, with more complex and far-reaching connections between devices, software, networks, the cloud, and enterprise systems. Companies must approach security as one of the critical requirements for IoT deployments. More than […]

Cybersecurity News Headline Updated on 19 June 2020 – Zoom; IoT At Risk; Fake LinkedIn Identities; Phony Job New Attack Vector, and more

The headline on 19 June 2020 Zoom Will Make End-to-End Encryption Available to Everyone. Zoom now says that it will provide end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for all users. Previously, the company had planned to provide the feature only to paying users. The feature will be off by default; meeting administrators must enable it when setting up […]

Tightly Network Security Control and Manage Access to Applications and Services with Zero Trust

As businesses increasingly embrace the mobile, cloud, and edge computing, network traffic patterns are changing. This is due to the expectation for any time, anywhere access to the network, and the emergence of technologies that require security to be delivered closer to individual users, devices, applications, and data. Enterprises are also wrestling with an increasingly […]