Business Case for Investment to Secure AWS Cloud Development Environments

You know your IaaS development spaces are increasingly beyond the reach of your security tools. Symantec Security for IaaS ticks all the right boxes: enforcing security and privacy policies but without frustrating your developers. This 6-step business case builder gives you everything you need to construct a compelling argument for investing in Symantec Security for […]

Risks of Cybercrime and Procedures to Integrate Cybersecurity in Organization

The core of the Internet is getting weaker as we connect ever more of our lives – phones, tablets, cars, refrigerators – to it. Meanwhile, the attacks are getting stronger. Cybercrime is a global pandemic. Cybersecurity is mainstream today because we’ve seen the repercussions personally, professionally and financially from not keeping our corporate and customer […]

What You Need To know About IoT and Cyber Security

Convergence of multiple technologies from the industrial and information technology worlds has resulted in what is commonly known as the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT combines concepts from embedded systems, networking, sensors, control systems, data analytics and artificial intelligence. IoT technology is being used not only in industrial applications but also in everyday consumer/household […]

How Major Investment Banking Firm Protects Data Centers from Next-Gen DDoS Attacks?

Organizations in every industry are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to remain competitive and relevant. But while they’re expanding their capabilities, increasingly complex IT infrastructures can open new doors for DDoS attacks to get past traditional protection. That’s why it’s time to rethink DDoS protection. Responsible for managing trillions in assets worldwide, a major Wall […]