Ten Aspects to Consider when Choosing Cloud Service Provider

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cloud services available to organizations. In many cases, the capabilities of the service, adjusted for cost, matter more to decision-makers than the infrastructure itself. As an example, the underlying infrastructure that supports common business software such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, is rarely scrutinized, as the products are […]

Top 8 Cloud, Data and Analytics Trends for 2020

Companies have access to more data than ever before but are struggling to reap its full benefits. Inadequate tools and poorly developed strategies are leaving them without the game-changing results they need. To help organizations capitalize on the latest innovations and surface the most impactful data insights, this article identified the top 8 data, analytics, […]

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service Accelerate Database for AWS

Enterprise IT teams are increasingly turning to the cloud. Many organizations are mandating that all new applications be hosted in the cloud, adopting a cloud-first strategy. Some are closing data centers and undertaking large-scale migrations, while others move to cloud infrastructure during technology refresh cycles or to improve scaling. Databases can pose significant challenges during […]

Architectures and Solutions for Cloud Security Blueprint 2.0

In the previous article, we explained the need for a cloud security blueprint. We described the key cloud security concepts and architectural principles that must be addressed by a modern cloud security deployment. The second article covers: The architecture underlying Cloud Security Blueprint 2.0 The Check Point solutions that can help you implement the Blueprint […]