10 Signs That You Should Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

When confronted with cloud management challenges, many organizations operate on a reactive basis—developing ad hoc solutions to specific problems as they arise. And because of this, many IT cloud management programs are rife with duplicate capabilities, non-standard approaches, process inefficiencies, and the creation of a shadow IT organization. Companies are becoming exposed to unnecessary risks […]

Optimizing Business Analytics by Transforming Data in the Cloud

Organizations need to adopt an extract, load, transform sequence to take full advantage of cloud data warehouses. Companies understand the value of data. But before data can be analyzed, it must be collected and prepared for analytics engines, and this process can be inefficient and costly. Moving data to the cloud can offer significant benefits, […]

Simplifying Email Archive Migrations from On-Premises to Cloud Platform

Based on a Fireside Chat webcast on migration theory, practice and technology featuring Nick Cavalancia, Techvangelism, and Chris Clark, CEO Trusted Data Solutions. If you need to migrate your email archive from on-premises to the cloud platform, wouldn’t it be great to have an EASY button to push. Presto! Archive migration is done. Unfortunately for […]