What is Cloud Database and How It help your business?

Enterprises are increasingly moving the infrastructure that supports their applications, websites and services to the cloud in order to meet business goals and objectives. This online migration includes their database environment. This article is designed to help business decision makers understand some of the core challenges and opportunities afforded by cloud database technology. The goal […]

Effective Security to Prepare for Multicloud Era

Organizations seeking speed, scalability, and reduced costs are moving applications and data out of their on-premises environments and into private and public clouds. Say goodbye to Shadow IT, compromised accounts, and misconfigured settings. And say hello to better cloud security, now. You can secure SaaS apps in the cloud, public and hybrid clouds hosting infrastructure, […]

6 Steps to Cost Optimization on AWS Cloud

Keeping track of the resources you are investing in is just one of many important considerations when you become cloud native. Finding the IT budget to drive new business initiatives can be a challenge. Similarly, knowing the appropriate IT spend for your business and how to optimize it is an issue all its own. This […]