Era To Design Affordable Custom System-on-Chip (SoC)

There has never been a better time to build your custom application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Despite the talk of Moore’s Law slowing and the cost of new chips rising, there are many opportunities to turn your design or your multi-chip controller into a small ASIC to lower costs and protect your intellectual property (IP). Read […]

3 Business Models to Cut Chip and IC Production Manufacturing Costs

ASIC production is a part-science, part-art discipline that not only requires a technical understanding but has great financial implications. Manufacturing costs include wafer production, packaging and QA activities such as electrical tests in order to secure correct working products. Generally speaking, the more your company is involved in these activities, the lower production costs can […]

7 Key Requirements to Select Suitable ASIC Semiconductor Chip Package

Semiconductor chip package technologies have evolved throughout the years to the point where hundreds of package types are available today. Most applications will require the more general, single-element packaging for integrated circuits and the other components such as resistors, capacitors, antenna etc. However, as the semiconductor industry develops smaller and more powerful devices, a ‘system […]

Case Study: How Home Automation IoT Company Reduced ASIC Manufacturing Testing Cost

Delivering an ASIC-based product to the consumer market is always challenging. Manufacturing costs must be kept down, and on-time delivery is critical. Read the case study and learn how digitalSTROM, an ioT company delivering home automation solutions was able to: Cut ASIC manufacturing costs Deliver products on time to distributors Ensure high quality and reliability […]