Moving Workloads to AWS with Versent’s Yellow Brick Road

A pragmatic, real-world look at how we’ve helped organisations lay solid, organised foundations, move workloads into AWS and drive real business outcomes. Understanding your application and server landscapes is one of the most challenging components of moving to the cloud. Knowing what is important to your business is the key to successful cloud migration. Explore […]

Best practices for Modernizing Windows Application Workloads Using Containers on AWS

Servers are no longer a sustainable method to host complex, internet-based applications. One solution was virtual machines and microservices, however, those can be inefficient and difficult to scale with your applications. There had to be another way to simplify application deployment, without compromising scalability. For many, that solution was Docker — a user-friendly container deployment […]

Compare Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Solution – On-premises, Hybrid, Hosted and Cloud-native

According to a survey by Fujitsu, 45 percent of IT managers said they had lost data or productivity related to data protection inefficiency within the previous year. Yet the cloud offers cost-effective and scalable solutions that are significantly easier to manage and maintain than on-premises solutions. So, how can you optimize your cloud data protection […]

Monash University Achieve Cloud-Only with NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS

Monash University, Australia’s largest higher education institution, serves 80,000 students, staff and faculty across four continents, annually ranking among the top universities in the world. It has a clear mission: to inspire and equip its students to be agents of change while setting an example for others. Monash University aspires to be cutting-edge for educational […]