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Cancer Testing Lab Reports Second Data Breach in Six Months

Updated on 2022-10-07

A cancer testing laboratory based in the US state of Georgia has reported a second data breach within just six months. In early July, Cytometry Specialists, dba CSI Laboratories, learned that it had been the victim of a phishing attack. The company reported the incident to federal regulators on September 26. CSI Laboratories says the more recent incident is not related to the data exfiltration incident it reported to regulators in March 2022.


  • A side effect of improving your cyber hygiene is that you may find you’re discovering incidents which would previously have gone unnoticed, which is a huge step in the right direction. Even so, make sure that you’re looking for gaps in your armor and filling them, not only to prevent recurrence, but also to thwart other types of attack. Consider that once breached, it’s kind of like blood in the water, and you’re going to be targeted by others looking to take advantage of your shortcomings.



CSI Laboratories, a Georgia cancer testing lab, suffered another data breach within six months that compromised the information of 244,850 individuals. Read more: Cancer Testing Lab Reports 2nd Major Breach Within 6 Months

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