How to build LinkedIn Profile

Photo: Use a professional photo which is cropped to show your face clearly. You are 7 time more likely to be found on LinkedIn with a photo.

Headline: It should be catchy and keyword rich. This is the first impression – make your name headline stand out or people will move on.

Contact Info: Add your professional email address and your company or personal Twitter account. Personalise your URL by clicking on Edit profile and Edit contact info.

Activity: Update your profile daily with relevant and engaging content. This is the best way to share with your connections what you find interesting and to promote what you’re doing.

Keywords: Make your summary keyword rich so you’ll be find in searches.
First Person: Write your summary in first person to keep it human.
Contact: Include your details so people who are not in your network can contact.
Media: Enrich your profile with media to make it stand out more.

Current and past roles: Be precise in your past experiences and current role(s). Don’t be afraid to use detail.
Audience: Speak directly to your target audience and make it relevant to their needs.

Projects: Use this as portfolio with completed work. Add links so people can find more.

Awards and recommendations:
Endorsement: Try to get endorsed for skill relevant to your sector to help improve your LinkedIn search ranking.
Recommendations: Aim for 5 to 10 recommendations. The 2 most recent recommendations will be visible next to the corresponding position.
Groups: You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn, doing so will improve your visibility and allow you to search for and contact any group members – but keep them applicable to your interests or industry.