Bring Social Network Back by Movable Type Motion

These days, many companies are devoting full time resources to monitoring and participating in social networks. As social sites grow in both size and quantity, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the conversations that matter to your business. Six Apart, makers of the Movable Type blogging platform, are hoping their new Motion software is your solution to this problem.

Motion is built on top of Movable Type Pro 4.25 and allows you to both aggregate content from around the web and publish new content from your own users. Some potential uses for Motion include:

* Private Aggregator – Create keyword searches across multiple social networks, aggregate the results, and publish them to a private site for you or your employees to follow.

* Private Microblog – Setup a Tumblr-style site on your intranet that allows employees to communicate.

* Public Aggregator – Aggregate content from social networks on your website and moderate the content.

* Social Network – Bring together your community and allow them to aggregate the content they create on social networks on your site.

Motion works with Facebook Connect, Google Connect, and several other third party authentication systems to allow users to sign up without creating a new account. It’s free for individual bloggers, but those using it for business will need to buy a license.

So is Motion something you would use? Personally, I could see using it to run a community site. A car blogger, for example, with an active group of commenters could convert their blog into its own social network with photos and blog posts aggregated from all over the web. And if you’re looking for a way to track your brand or industry, the private aggregator does look promising.

What are your thoughts about Movable Type Motion? Let us know in the comments.

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