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Bring Your PC Plan Into the Workforce Future

Eliminate barriers to collaboration and innovation with next-generation PCs designed to support new work styles and on-the-go productivity.

Bring Your PC Plan Into the Workforce Future

Bring Your PC Plan Into the Workforce Future

The evolution of the workplace has forced many organizations to transform their entire business plan to adjust to the needs of the digital world. The right PCs — like the HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3, powered by 8th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors — can ease digital transformation. Read the solution brief to learn more about tackling changes and moving ahead with:

  • Superior network security built into the core
  • Workforce-enabled PCs, notebooks, and other devices
  • Business-focused software and applications

Prepare for change

Digital transformation is disrupting business to the core; as we shift, manual processes and physical assets will gain efficiency and agility. Experts estimate spending on transformation initiatives to reach $2.2 trillion in 2020 — a 60% increase since 2016.1 Part of this transformation includes a change in how and where employees get their work done and an increase in millennial workers who demand best-in-class tools. Yet digital transformation investments can be diminished if companies operate with legacy PCs, ill-equipped to support digital business. Key challenges include:

  • Configuration: New-generation apps require upgraded processing and memory
  • Flexibility: Mobile and remote workers need specialized tools
  • Efficiency: PC latency and downtime impede innovation
  • Security: Sharing data through public and private networks create the risk

Adapt your PC thinking

Millennials may compose up to 59% of the global workforce by 2020 — and many of these employees will work remotely.1 Enterprises are embracing mobile workers too, as 83% of companies say flexible working boosts productivity.1 To satisfy new styles of working, enterprises need to rethink how and when they upgrade their PC fleets. Windows 7 end of support is almost here, and digital transformation is accelerating faster than PCs can keep up. A five-year refresh should be rethought, and measured against the potential gains of upgrading earlier.

Transform with PC ROI

Today’s PCs are powered to support digital transformation more robustly. Configured with a modern Intel® processor, a 13-inch laptop can perform the work of a powerhouse PC, with 2.1 times the multitasking speed and 80% better productivity than a 5-year-old PC. Now more than ever, it pays to upgrade to best-in-class PCs designed to support digital transformation, with help from ProSys.

Secure to the core

In the digital economy, collaboration occurs constantly, in countless locations. That means today’s businesses must support secure collaboration. ProSys safeguards digital workers with PCs from HP, the world’s most secure PCs, configured with hardware-enforced security to prevent compromise at the device, firmware, and user levels. They safeguard apps and data with malware and visual hacking protection, firmware breach detection and recovery, and biometric security via Microsoft Windows 10 for access control.


Some analysts estimate 70% of people globally will work remotely at least once per week, and 53% will work remotely at least half the week. ProSys powers remote and mobile workers with advanced notebooks and PCs to keep them productive on the go. Lightweight, business-configured notebooks and 2-in-1 PCs keep users productive with touchscreens and convertible form factors that can be used as a tablet or PC — ideal for field and or remote use.


As many as 47% of small- to medium-sized businesses run Windows 7, even though support for this software ends January 14, 2020. Those left on this unsupported version will be vulnerable to security and productivity losses. ProSys makes it easy to upgrade to a Windows 10 PC, like the HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 powered by 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors, ENERGY STAR efficiency, touchscreen, and long battery life that lets your people keep pace with business.

Advanced your PC fleet with PROSYS

ProSys, an HP Platinum Partner, provides secure HP notebooks to meet unique business requirements. We combine IT design, planning, procurement, integration, and implementation with the best technology to deliver custom IT solutions. Plus, we leverage comprehensive engineering expertise — coupled with proprietary technology applications and best-in-class products — to solve business issues.

Source: PROSYS

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