Branding and How it works in the Social Media Age

Social media handouts – Facebook: Twitter face-off

We ask 2000 US internet users if they belong to Facebook or Twitter?
– 85% Facebook
– 49% Twitter
– Many more have Facebook accounts.
– Prioritize building a Facebook community.

Then we asked them if they use Facebook or Twitter daily
– 74% Facebook
– 35% Twitter
– Facebook users are much more engaged.
– Participate daily.

We asked 2000 US internet users if they have more than 100/500 friends on…
– 57% have 100+ friends on Facebook
– 25% have 100+ followers on Twitter
– 11% have 500+ friends on Facebook
– 10% have 500+ followers on Twitter
– More Facebook users have larger network.
– Engage one, get noticed by hundreds.

How to consumers interact with brands on Facebook and Twitter?
– Users want to talk about your brand, so give them a reason to.
– 29% follow a brand
– 39% have tweeted about a brand
– 29% have retweeted about a brand
– 58% of Facebook users have liked a brand
– 42% have mentioned a brand in a status update
– 41% have shared a link, video or story about a brand

Sentiment about brands according to consumers.
– 1,5x: there are 50% more of those who say that their brand mentioned in status updated of Facebook are only positive (vs. only negative or mixted) M:1.4x | F:1.6x
– 2x for retweets
– 1.9x: there are almost twice as many users who say their brand tweets are only positive (vs. only negative or mixted)
– 2.3x: Females are much kinder to brands on Twitter than males.
– Most users share only positive updates about brands.

Folks who have “liked” vs. haven’t “liked” any brands on Facebook.
– Facebook users who “like” brands have more influence than those who don’t.

Virtual personas
– Create personas to improve your outreach and engagement.

What types of content do consumers prefer to get from their favorite brands?
– Send coupons and promotions to your community.

How do consumers prefer to get updates from their favorite brands?
– Use social media to stay in touch with your users.