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Boeing Jeppesen Cyber Incident Disrupted Some Flight Planning

Updated on 2022-11-05: Boeing Jeppesen Cyber Incident Disrupted Some Flight Planning

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen has “experienced a cyber incident affecting certain flight planning products and services.” The incident affected some flight planning products and services. The incident began on November 2; Jeppesen says that as of November 5, notice to air mission (NOTAM) bulletins were reactivated in their hosting environment.


  • In this case, there were alternate NOTAM bulletin suppliers, the US FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization. Even so, no indication was made about how hard it was to switch to the alternate suppliers. When building DR plans, make sure to include the impact and difficulty of moving to your fail-over services, ensure that switch is viable and won’t do more harm than being offline. The Aviation sector has become a target of attacks. According to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, the industry is seeing ransomware attacks at a rate of one per week, and overall attacks are up as much as 530% year-on-year. That is not the sort of exercise to validate your DR plans I’m talking about. Test and vet them outside of an incident so you’re ready. (And I hope you don’t need them often.)


Updated on 2022-11-04

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen confirmed suffering a cybersecurity incident that disrupted some flight operations and communication channels. Read more: Cyber incident at Boeing subsidiary causes flight planning disruptions

Overview: Boeing subsidiary ransomware attack

Jeppesen, a wholly owned Boeing subsidiary that builds aircraft navigation databases and flight planning applications, also appears to be dealing with a ransomware attack. Read more: BREAKING: BOEING’S JEPPESEN SUBSIDIARY HIT WITH POTENTIAL RANSOMWARE ATTACK

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