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Blog Content Strategies: How to Promote Your Blog and Make It Viral

Did you know? Some Bloggers recommend you spend as much as time promoting your content as you do writing it. According to Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, this should be your split as 80% promotion and 20% creation.

Send new content to your email list

Example: Buffer sends their new blog post to 40,000 people.
Result: 7,5000 open the email and read what’s inside; 1,8000 people click through to the full article.

Strategies to increase their email list:

  • Slide up opt-in that comes up from the right corner when a user scrolls down.
  • HelloBar opt-in.
  • Feature signup box on the main blog domain.
  • Exit intent popup offering content for email.

Share multiple times to social media

You want to share the same content multiple times because most social media platforms are designed so you won’t reach the entire audience in 1 share.

On average, 1 active user has 140 friends. And their friends have 140 friends each. Therefore 1 piece of great content has the potential to reach 2.7m people within just 4 generations.

Republishing content

Helps with:

  • Allows your content to help a new audience.
  • Provides great value and fast content for websites we admire.

Before republishing the blog post, make sure you have applied the guide mentioned here.

Send an outreach email

Buffer has a 66% success rate with this strategy.

Outreach template:

Hi *Name*,
Just wanted to say how much I/ve enjoyed getting to know *Name of the Tool/Company* over the last few days. Seems like such an amazing source!

I gave your awesome tool some love in a post today on *Blog Name* blog.

Hope you enjoy the moment!

Neil Patel

Mention an influencer (then mention that you’ve mentioned him or her)

If you need a reason to reach out to a big name in your industry, include the person in your post. Then give them a heads up.

  • Ask for a quote or pull something from an article or interview they’ve done elsewhere and cite the source.
  • Either way, it gets your foot in the door for reaching out later on, once the post is published, and you then have a potential big bump from their audience if they choose to share.

Adam Connell of BloggingWizard wrote about the value of a roundup post-a piece of content where a number of influencers are asked to contribute, e.g. “40 Experts Share Their Favorite…”, that sort of thing.

Submit the post to a content community

From what I’ve studied, there are a couple of unwritten rules at play here:

  • Focus on more than just self-promotion. Don’t join the community and solely share your own stuff. Share other articles, comment and vote on other stories, be part of the community.
  • Share your best stuff. Don’t share every single article you write.
  • Engage and interact regularly for a week or more before you submit your first self-promotional post and keep on engaging afterwards.

Connect with peer groups

Triberr is a great place to find these groups of people.

Make it easy for readers to share your content

Make it easy for readers to share your story by adding social media buttons in strategic places.

  • Turn any shareable phrases that a reader can send to Twitter with one click with tools such as Click To Tweet.
  • For the visuals and infographics, you create for the post, add a Pin it button so that readers can easily share to Pinterest.

Focus on the places that get the best results

According to Shannon Byrne from Mention, she uses the following steps to find places to share her content.

  • Looking at referral sources in Google Analytics.
  • Monitoring keywords to discover what conversations are happening where.
  • Looking at what content is trending on the forums her audience is on.

Paid ads and remarketing

You can reach up to 84% of your visitors across 5-10 different site between 10-18 days a month, which is well worth the effort for a strong brand campaign!

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