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BitTorrent Launched Project Maelstrom Browser Alpha Test

BitTorrent Inc. launched a new web browser, dubbed “Project Maelstrom,” in invite-only closed alpha testing phase right now and uses BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol technology to make the internet more open by giving the control back to users. BitTorrent says it started by asking “What if more of the web worked the way BitTorrent does?”

BitTorrent is hoping that Project Maelstrom could help keep the internet open and neutral, as well as ensuring privacy for all users. Web publishers could publish, distribute, and update an entire website through the BitTorrent protocol, and others visiting the page would automatically help share the site’s content, just as anyone downloading a file over BitTorrent would also start sharing the file with other peers.

If you’re interested in Project Maelstrom, you can signup to join BitTorrent’s Project Maelstrom here.

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