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BianLian ransomware group

Updated on 2022-12-13

SecurityScorecard’s Vlad Pasca has a technical analysis of the BianLian ransomware. One of Pasca’s main discoveries is that there might be a way to recover encrypted files if DFIR teams can recover the original BianLian encrypter. Read more:

“The same key is used to encrypt all files, which is unusual for most ransomware families. The AES key is not encrypted by a public key, which makes the decryption possible if the ransomware encryptor is recovered after its deletion.”

BianLian ransomware

Updated on 2022-10-17

BianLian ransomware: On the same note, BlackBerry’s security team also has a write-up on the BianLian ransomware and its “fast” encryption routine. Read more: BianLian Ransomware Encrypts Files in the Blink of an Eye

Overview: BianLian ransomware group

Threat intelligence company BetterCyber has discovered a new ransomware group named BianLian, which also operates a leak site on the dark web, where it publishes data from victims who refuse to pay.

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