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Barix Exstreamer M400 Multiformat IP Audio Decoder

The Exstreamer M400 marks a new generation of IP audio decoders from Barix. The Exstreamer family is known for being robust and reliable while staying cost-effective. The Exstreamer M400 continues these traditions and offers AV professionals an extensible and easy-to-deploy decoder platform that supports the latest technology standards.

Barix Exstreamer M400 Multiformat IP Audio Decoder

Barix’s engineers leveraged the company’s 20 years of IP audio experience in developing the Exstreamer M400. The decoder combines high-performance audio processing with a programmable architecture, a 3-layer-security approach, and extensive features including a free system configuration tool for easy installation. The Exstreamer M400 is ideal for commercial AV applications including background music, paging, SIP/VoIP integration, and emergency notifications. The device features stereo, line-level, analog audio output with RCA-type connections and can decode streams in MP3, AAC-HE, FLAC, PCM, Opus, and Ogg Vorbis formats. It also supports SIP and secure SIP in peer-to-peer and server modes.

  • Turns PA into extensive Audio over IP systems
  • Wide variety of audio environments supported
  • Codecs include PCM, AACplus, MP3, OPUS, G.711, G.722
  • Local audio files with playback trigger
  • Priority handler eliminates audio matrix

Barix Exstreamer M400 Multiformat IP Audio Decoder connection diagram

Read more at Exstreamer M400 Product Sheet

About Barix

Barix is an innovation-driven company located in Zürich that successfully develops audio over IP hardware and solutions. We are a worldwide player in Intelligent Network Audio Applications that was founded in 2001.

Barix is a pioneer in IP audio and control with a customer base across many industries and vertical markets. The company provides its customers and partners with reliable, affordable technology solutions in the form of standard or customized products, private labeling, licensing, and OEM developments.

Barix products include a range of cost- and energy-efficient devices that can be connected locally via standard networks or via the Internet. Comprehensively, Barix offers innovative, low-cost, PC-free solutions for audio over IP applications (transmission and monitoring of audio signals), communications (intercom), and automation tasks (decentralized control, monitoring, and maintenance operations).

To stay at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, we continually expand our audio knowledge, skills, and development abilities into new emerging technologies. Our products are used in almost every market and we keep growing.

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