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Barack Obama Become The First US President to Write Programming Code

The US president used Hour Of Code event to mark a new milestone in American history: President Barack Obama is now the first US president to write computer program. Specifically, the president used Google’s Blockly tool to craft a tiny segment of code to draw a square.

Although its just few line of JavaScript but this show that anybody can try computer science, and learning the basics is the best way to prepare for any career today. And that the basics are relevant to any career in the 21st century. introduced the “Hour of Code” campaign last year with the aim of convincing all students to try just one hour of programming and showing them that anyone can learn the basics of programming. As part of the Hour of Code campaign, created a website that compiles many different hour long tutorials, most of which were created specifically for Hour of Code campaign.

Obama wrote his code part of event organized by, which brought 20 middle school students from the South Seventeenth Street School in Newark, New Jersey, to the White House, where they met the president and worked on Hour of Code tutorials. Partovi says the president himself didn’t complete the tutorial from start to finish, but instead went from station to station watching the students work. He did, however, complete some of the exercises, which involved both using Google’s Blockly tool, and writing a line of code using JavaScript.

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