B2C Content Marketing in 2013

Content marketing is having a huge impact on how consumers perceive and interact with brands. Studies show that 68% of consumers read content from the brands they love – ultimately creating immense customer awareness and loyalty. Here’s look at how direct-to-consumer brands are using content marketing, including the tactics, KPIs, objectives and examples.

Content is King
– 78% more than three-quarters of CMOs think that the future of marketing is in content marketing.
– 86% the vast majority of B2C marketers use content marketing.

Measuring Success
B2C content marketers rely on content marketing across the value chain, ranging from increasing awareness, driving traffic, and ultimately increasing revenue.

Content marketing objectives by program (% of respondents)
Engage new customers / prospects: 52%
Increase traffic to site: 49%
Raise brand awareness: 38%
Increased sales: 38%
SEO (Link building): 36%
Improving brand perception: 29%
Generating leads: 18%

Popular Tactics
B2C marketers are relying on social media, blog articles, and videos to drive their content marketing. Unlike B2B, case studies, whitepapers, webinars, and other similar thought-leadership content lie further down the list.

Social Media: 84%
Articles on your website: 84%
eNewsletters: 78%
Videos: 70%
Blogs: 69%
In Person Events: 63%
Articles on Other Sites: 61%
Mobile Content: 43%
Mobile Apps: 42%
Print Magazines: 42%

B2C brands measure success by looking mainly at top of the funnel metrics, including web traffic, social shares and direct sales.

Top 10 Measurement Criteria Among B2C Content Marketers:
1. Web Traffic
2. Direct Sales
3. Social Media Sharing
4. Time Spent on Website
5. Qualitative Feedback
6. SEO Ranking
7. Customer Loyalty
8. Sales Lead Quality
9. Sales Lead Quantity
10. Inbound Links

Facebook at the Top
Social media networks used by B2C marketers (% of respondents)
Twitter: 69%
Google+: 41%
LinkedIn: 51%
Youtube: 65%
Facebook: 90%

One interesting difference is how each group uses social media. For B2C marketers, Facebook is the most popular platform by far. This differs from B2B, in which LinkedIn is the most popular platform, with 83% of respondents using it.

– Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

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