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Azure Communication Services Calling SDK 1.1.0 Upgrade to avoid disruption

Azure Communication Services Calling SDK (@azure/communication-calling) version 1.1.0 released 2 weeks ago. There shouldn’t be any breaking changes here, but the upgrade is required to address the fact that the Plan B SDP Semantics is being deprecated in Google Chrome. Support is expected to be dropped in M93, which goes to Canary on July 15th and Stable on August 24th.

You can access Azure Communication Services Calling SDK (@azure/communication-calling) version 1.1.0 at NPM, or update your codebase to the latest of both the common and calling SDKs with the following command:

npm install @azure/communication-common --save
npm install @azure/communication-calling –save

You should upgrade before July 31st if you have any published applications that need to keep running, especially if you picked up Azure Communication Services in the early days when it was still in Preview.

Azure Communication Calling client library for JavaScript version 1.2.0-beta.1 is here as well.



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