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Automated Testing Tool for Mobile App

Here are five of the automated tools for mobile app testers:


Keynote is one of the original pioneers in online performance monitoring. Keynote helps some of the world’s most well known brands optimize digital interaction and thus their bottom line. With over 700 million measurements collected daily, Keynote is paving the way in cloud based testing, monitoring, and analytics.

  • Perform mobile and load testing
  • Watch statistics come in with web, real user, and mobile application monitoring
  • Access valuable analytics with digital performance intelligence, performance optimization, and competitive intelligence.

Test Studio

Test Studio enables iOS app designers to run and record tests on websites and mobile applications. It’s a great solution for ad-hoc and automated testing on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

  • Jail broken device is not required
  • Does not rely on image-based elements, but rather queries used to identify various elements
  • Create validation sequences to verify tests
  • Optional bundle with Xcode workspace, iOS Simulator app, and Demo Application.

UFT Mobile

UFT Mobile allows testers to extend HP Functional Testing and Application Lifecycle Management system to mobile applications. This then enables cloud based as well as cross platform test automation on mobile devices. UFT uses new technology to create a seamless solution for automated testing of mobile apps.

  • Safe cloud based access and testing on mobile devices
  • Keyword-relevant scripting for easy creation and maintenance
  • Image-enhanced reports complete with active screenshots
  • Full back-end integration for centralized test management
  • Image, text, and hybrid element recognition.


SeeTest is an automated testing tool that works on just about every device and platform. Whether you want to run tests on Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian, or a Windows Phone, SeeTest is equipped to do so.

  • Cloud-based solutions for testing
  • Plug-ins for HP testing as well as important monitoring tools
  • Incorporation of object identification via methods like class, text, ID, accessibilityLabel, etc.
  • Device gesture assistance and multiple device compatible scripts
  • Internal and external application testing (phone settings, battery, browser testing, etc).

Silk Mobile

If you’re looking for a mobile automated testing tool that works with a broad range of platforms including HTML5, Silk Mobile can get the job done.

  • Easily work with devices to test via USB cable or WiFi
  • Support swipe, drag, drop, zoom, scrolling, multi-touch and more
  • Support native object recognition on both iOS and Android
  • Use Optical Character Recognition engine to work with any language and characters
  • Review visual reports showing where the test pass or failed
  • Run advanced test scripting with Silk Mobile’s export service.
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