Understand and Evaluate Training Data Platform for AI-focused Companies

This article provides a high-level overview of what a TDP is and what to look for in evaluating training data solutions to best suit your needs. Data science teams spend a disproportionate amount of their time processing, labelling and augmenting training data. Training data platforms can help free up time so they can focus on […]

Emerging Technology Industry News Headlines Update on November 30, 2020

Radical changes to how we generate and consume energy are required to overcome challenges brought by climate change. The European Space Agency is now looking to fund space-based solar power projects. The University of Liverpool is exploring new manufacturing techniques for printing ultralight solar cells on to solar sails to create large, fuel-free solar power […]

IT Managed Services Provider Resource Recommendation Update on November 30, 2020

Knowledge of terms to know What is Agile Manifesto? The Agile Manifesto is a document that identifies four key values and 12 principles that the Agile Alliance believe software developers should use to guide their work. The four core values of Agile software development as stated by the Agile Manifesto are: Value individuals and interactions […]