Solved: How do I fix Wow-64.exe Critical ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION?

Problem: World of Warcraft hang and the error message prompted showing Wow-64.exe application critical error due to access violation fatal exception. This error normally happens after Windows 10 update installed and caused unable to process temporary files or corrupted system files. The detail error message as below: Wow-64This application has encountered a critical error:ERROR #132 […]

Emerging Technology Industry News Headlines Update on October 06, 2020

Oracle launched a comprehensive multi-cloud management platform called Oracle Cloud Observability and Management Platform, which combines several existing Oracle management services and added six new services to monitors mission-critical workloads across the cloud stack and heterogeneous environments aim to ensure uptime across the three major telemetry types: metrics, logs and traces. Read more at Oracle […]