How to Disable Windows 10 “Get Even More Out of Windows” and “Let’s make Windows even better” Notification

Tired with “Get even more out of Windows” and “Let’s make Windows even better” splash screen prompt occasionally on Windows after update that displays additional services? It is a good idea to disable the notification if you don’t need any of the new features or already setup. Here are the steps to disable “Get Even […]

Cybersecurity News Headlines Update on November 24, 2020

GoDaddy Employees Tricked Into Changing DNS Settings for Cryptocurrency Domains. Attackers used social engineering to trick employees at domain name registrar GoDaddy into transferring control of several cryptocurrency-related domains. The bad actors managed to gain access to some customer data. NiceHash noticed traffic was being redirected. The company froze customer accounts for 24 hours […]

Challenges and Opportunities in the Fleet Solutions

Several technologies are accelerating development in the logistics and eCommerce sector – 5G, data analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and location technology are coalescing to transform logistics operations. Solutions from innovative location and digital map vendors can play an invaluable role in delivering operational efficiencies for the management of fleets as well as increased end-user customer […]

Solved: How do I fix Windows Update Error “We Could not Complete the Install Because an Update Service Was Shutting Down”?

Problem: Windows users encounter a Windows update error stating “We could not complete the installation because an update service was shutting down” when updating Windows to the newer version, causing unable to proceed further for Windows update installation. The detail error message as below: Windows Update Error We Could not Complete the Install Because an […]