Solved: How do I fix Fix Star Wars Battlefront II Error Code 2,495 Couldn’t Grant Reward?

Problem: Star Wars Battlefront players are encountered couldn’t grant reward problem with error code 2,495 when trying to redeem the unlocked reward. This is an error known to happen on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The detail error message as below: Sorry, we couldn’t grant your reward. Please try again or check your inventory […]

Solved: How do I fix Disney+ Hotstar Streaming Common Error Code Due to Network Problem or Geographic Restrictions

The major problem that happens to Disney+ Hotstar service is those common errors which pop up and disrupt the streaming experience. The detail of Disney+ Hotstar common error codes prompt while streaming as below: Uh-oh, we cannot playback due to geographic restrictions. Disable VPN if its accidentally turned on. Playback stream not available #hotstar as […]