Cybersecurity Skills Crisis

Enterprises are under siege from a rising volume of cyberattacks. At the same time, the global demand for skilled professionals sharply outpaces supply. Unless this gap is closed, organizations will continue to face major risk. Comprehensive educational and networking resources are required to meet the needs of everyone from entry-level practitioners to seasoned professionals.

Smart Insights RACE Planning System for Digital Marketing

Plan: Branded content Build an agile, strategic approach to digital marketing. Competition is fierce online. To win you need to Plan, Manage and Optimize digital channels against defined targets, SMART KPIs and a focused investment in content marketing, digital media and experiences. We believe an integrated digital strategy is essential to define new Segmentation, Targeting and […]

Securing Mobile Workforce

Workforce Mobility is more popular than ever. For many businesses, it is not only a perk, but a strategic initiative. Having a mobile workforce doesn’t mean compromising on security, but it does require IT to rethink its security posture to take into account increased risks, training employees, ensuring best practices are instituted and having an […]