More effective way to Search in Google

Googling can be fun. With this article, we share with you some common use expression or tips and tricks to get your expected result when perform search in Google. Search is always case-insensitive Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine Is the same as miniature donkey talk magazine. Punctuation including @#$%^&*()=+[] and other special characters are generally ignored. […]

What Does Organic SEO Mean?

Websites are built without: Keyword Stuffing: Repeating keywords excessively to trick the search engine algorithms. Hidden Text: Blending text in to the background so its seen by search engines but not humans. Cloaking: Showing a different version of your website to search engine than humans see. Thin Content: Shallow content written only for search engines […]

12 Ways To Be More Digitally Savvy

Do yourself a favor and go beyond the buyer persona. Hint: It’s not just about creating epic content. Which metrics matter most to your business goals? With R&D, you always have ti be testing. Email should be one of your go-to marketing channels. Automation increases sales and decreases overhead. Mobile-friendly sites get better search rankings. […]

32 Steps on Location SEO Success Roadmap

Well Designed Desktop website Mobile Responsive Website Blog Integration Business Address and phone number in the header and / or footer Customer Reviews / Testimonials page Contact page – Add a contact page with address, phone number and google map embedded of your address Redirect non-www to www or vice-versa Content – Have unique, original […]