Convert Data into Meaningful Customer Action

The purpose of this article is to boost your data confidence so that you can start delivering more powerful engagements for show-stopping marketing results. Performance hinges on customer experience. Don’t be reactive, be proactive. Anticipate your customers’ needs before they do, and delight them until they can’t get enough. This article will help you: Get […]

10 Signs That You Should Invest in a Cloud Management Platform

When confronted with cloud management challenges, many organizations operate on a reactive basis—developing ad hoc solutions to specific problems as they arise. And because of this, many IT cloud management programs are rife with duplicate capabilities, non-standard approaches, process inefficiencies, and the creation of a shadow IT organization. Companies are becoming exposed to unnecessary risks […]

Modernizing Clinical Trials with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

While digitally transforming clinical research holds great promise, it is a complex undertaking. Managing the volume and variability of healthcare data is challenging for life sciences organizations looking to modernize clinical trials. From IoT to data management to high-performance computing and machine learning, leading life sciences organizations are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop […]

5 Real-world Use Cases to Transform Project Collaboration in Marketing

Read how they are easily planning team projects, scheduling tasks, collaborating on documents, and tracking their group’s progress using integrated Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and communication tools. Featured Use Cases: Streamlining Content Development Managing Project and Task Intake Enabling Project Management and Collaboration Advancing Campaign Planning and Delivery Improving Cross-Functional Communication