[Solved] iPhone/iPad/iPod Cannot Be Synced or Problem Downloading The Software with Error -39

When trying to restore iPhone/iPad/iPod via recovery mode, the popup error message below shows on iTunes: The iPhone (iPad/iPod) cannot be synced or Problem downloading the software for the iPhone (iPad/iPod). An unknown error occurred (-39) iTunes error 39 mostly happens when syncing or restoring iPhone/iPad/iPod using iTunes on Mac/Windows, prevent you from the update […]

[Solved] How to Download Book Purchased from Google Books to Read Offline PDF without DRM

Is there any method to download purchased Google books and read them offline as pdf documents? If you have purchased books on Google Play, you may want to download the purchased Google books to transfer it to your eReaders or Tablets for a better reading experience. Since Google employs the DRM scheme to encrypt the […]

[Solved] How to Fix BSOD Error “FAT FILE SYSTEM (fastfat.sys)” on Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error with error detail FAT FILE SYSTEM (fastfat.sys) restarts OS to avoid further damage to the system. FAT File System Error on windows 10 happens due to outdated Windows, outdated device drivers, corrupted system files, corrupted drives, conflicting folder protecting / encryption applications, false positive by Anti-virus and corrupted Windows. […]

[Solved] Execute ipconfig command shows multiple “Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection” with Media disconnected State

After execute ipconfig command in vanilla installation of Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or later versions of Windows, there are a ton of “Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection” with Media disconnected state show. This issue can occur when the system is migrated between different networks often. If your organization is not going to migrate the […]

[Solved] How to Fix Windows 10 BSOD with Stop code “DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG”

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) with stop code DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG primarily occurs due related to hardware issue or driver issue, wrong SATA controller settings in BIOS, broken registry values, Volume Shadow Service issues, malware infections, system service exceptions or Windows Update issues. The complete error message is: You PC ran into a problem and […]