Economic Efficiency in Cyber Defense

The previous two articles in this series addressed Visibility and Agility as key requirements for stronger cyber defense. This last article in the series looks at the third leg of robust cybersecurity: Economic Efficiency. According to recent research, gleaned from more than 250 global enterprises, organizations use, on average, ten different security management tools. In […]

Enabling Agility to Accelerate Incident Response

In the previous article discussed the importance of end-to-end network visibility in protecting valuable enterprise data, and how the combination of network metadata and full packet data provides definitive evidence of network activity. To leverage this data effectively, however, it is crucial to make it available to the tools and teams throughout the enterprise for […]

Better Network Visibility: Removing the Security Blindfold

Recent research shows that enterprise teams are very concerned about the ability to protect their networks from cyber threats. Concerns run the gamut: insufficient insight into network activity, lack of integration between security tools, inability to respond to threats quickly enough, resource constraints, and obsolete solutions. Enterprises are frustrated with existing security solutions that don’t […]

Get Organised! Clear The Clutter And Get On With Your Day

Knowledge, careful planning, organized systems, and dedication can give any organization the basics it needs to be strong. Getting organized is one of the best elements to implement within any structured boundary. Positive elements may then able to surface from the conscious effort of eliminating negatives like getting rid of unhealthy stress & tensions that […]

Internet of Things News Headline Updated on 01 Apr 2020

The headline on 01 Apr 2020 Microsoft and apply IoT to future pandemics. Microsoft is working with AI software to provide and a group of US universities to apply IoT and artificial intelligence technology to mitigate future pandemics. Source:, Microsoft, and leading universities launch Digital Transformation Institute AWS Detective investigates complex […]

Mobile Technology and Wireless Communication News Headline Updated on 06 Apr 2020

The headline on 06 Apr 2020 Palo Alto Networks is teaming up with Deutsche Telekom’s Telekom Security unit to jointly develop new security solutions. Source: Telekom Security brings the next security champion on board Vodafone is using partner TechSee to virtually assist customers to reduce risks to engineers and users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: […]