Automation for 5G Network Rollout Process

Rolling out 5G services is an opportunity for telco operators to enhance automation, improve customer experience and meet their business goals. This article outlines the route to success on each count, and shows why 5G rollout should be viewed as the start of network automation rather than its culmination. Read now to discover: The symbiotic […]

Moving Workloads to AWS with Versent’s Yellow Brick Road

A pragmatic, real-world look at how we’ve helped organisations lay solid, organised foundations, move workloads into AWS and drive real business outcomes. Understanding your application and server landscapes is one of the most challenging components of moving to the cloud. Knowing what is important to your business is the key to successful cloud migration. Explore […]

What You Should Know before Preparation to Microsoft 70-410 Exam

Microsoft is a world leader in manufacturing and distributing computer software, personal computers, and electronics. Besides catering to the enormous demand for computer products and peripheries, Microsoft is actively involved in shaping the technical skills of IT professionals by offering the technical certification program. The certifications it issues enable the candidate to prepare for many […]

Why Training, Change Management and User Buy-In Are Key to Deploy Omnichannel Technology

Overlooking the human element of new in-store technology is a leading reason many businesses fail to make changes to adapt to new market trends. Successful implementation requires stakeholders to consider the team of people who will be using the new technology. Implementation projects can be frustrating and costly for unprepared businesses. This guide shows how […]

How will 5G Impact Wireless Retailers?

To say that 5G will have an impact is an understatement. With the rising expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumer, retailers need a way to keep up with the trends and on top of the competition; this new, improved network could be just the thing. But when will these changes take place and what are the […]

Meet The Brands Disrupting The Future of Commerce

In today’s “consumer anywhere, commerce everywhere” digital era, enterprises need to listen, predict, assemble and deliver a personalized customer experience, all within milliseconds — otherwise risk losing customers, revenue, competitive advantage, and brand loyalty. This notion is proliferating, and you’d be hard pressed to find an organization that doesn’t know this is the future of […]

The Real Reason Content as a Strategic Function Fails

Everybody loves success. Nobody likes to change. Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, wrote about this almost two decades ago. He argued that as a company (or team) matures, three areas affect its capacity to handle change: resources, processes, and values. Christensen suggests that when businesses start with the question “What should (or can) […]

How to Implement Omnichannel Strategy to Create Seamless Customer Experience

Delivering seamless, integrated customer journeys is essential for good customer experience. It will also improve your results – from retention to sales to ROI. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or not-for-profit, audiences demand the same experience, no matter where they are. Key to delivering this, you need to embrace the diverse channels your customers are using […]