Solving Edge Computing Infrastructure Challenges with the right resources

Edge computing is still evolving. This article helps you identify successful deployment and management strategies for any edge environment. Our analysts outline: Key considerations to deploy IT at the edge Qualities for strategic partnerships Essential elements of an effective micro data center solution How a cloud-based architecture simplifies day-to-day management

Alternative Data Automation Adoption for Investment Management and Financial Markets

From hedge fund managers to mutual funds and even private equity managers, alternative data has the power to improve valuation of securities and boost the clarity of the investment process. It enriches the structured data sets already acquired by investment management firms, fueling the potential for information advantage and providing a distinct differentiator in terms […]

Basic Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Critical Security Controls Version 7.0

Rather than a lack of choices in security solutions, a major problem in cyber security is an inability to implement mature processes – many organizations lack a defined and repeatable process for selecting, implementing and monitoring the security controls that are most effective against real-world threats. Implementing the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Critical Security […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Agile Software Development Projects Fail

Agile software development project specifies a group of software development techniques based on constant development, where needs and results derive through collaboration between self constructing cross functional teams. Agile methods or agile approach basically promotes a disciplined project handling process that strengthen frequent inspection and adaptations. Several points are taken into consideration while going through […]

Real-World Problems and Challenges for Artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

Artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is widely defined as the result of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML). It’s a framework designed to help CIOs master today’s dynamic IT landscape and answer questions such as: Where to place workloads for optimal performance and cost? How to connect apps to infrastructure […]